Why Liquids?

Ease of Swallowing. Some solid nutritional supplements may be oversized, hard to swallow, and leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. A single dose of Drinkables® can be easily swallowed and tastes great.

Digestibility. Pills may upset your stomach, particularly when taken in large quantities often required by nutritional supplements. Buffered pills reduce stomach upset but also may slow the absorption of nutrients into the system. Drinkables® are less likely to upset your stomach and require no buffering.

Nutrient Quality. While standards vary greatly among solid supplements, the Drinkables® product line consistently utilizes the highest quality nutrients.

Bioavailability. Once in your stomach, tablets and pills must be broken down before they can enter your bloodstream and be delivered to the organs and tissues that need them. Depending on the manufacturing process, some solid nutritional supplements may not fully disolve, and thus may not deliver the intended amount of nutrients. The nutrients in Drinkables® are quickly bioavailable since they enter the stomach in a liquid form.

Fast Absorption. In many cases, Drinkables® are absorbing into the bloodstream while nutrients are still being broken down into a bioavailable form.

Full Absorption. Many factors can affect the way pills break down in the stomach. Experts agree that the longer it takes for supplements to be absorbed into the bloodstream, the greater the likelihood that you won’t receive the full efficacy of the supplemental nutrients. Depending on your body’s absorption rate, some solid supplements may not be fully absorbed in time, reducing the amount of nutrients received by tissues and organs.

Other Advantages: Child-resistant cap, built-in dosage cup, pleasant taste and longer shelf life.


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