Why Liquid Supplements?

Q: Why are liquid supplements better than pills?

A: Liquids allow for greater concentration of ingredients, which allows you to get nutrients in a single dose rather than taking several pills multiple times per day. Liquids are absorbed by the body quickly, whereas pills may take an hour or more to dissolve and be absorbed into the bloodstream. Liquids are less likely to cause upset stomach. For many people, liquids are easier to swallow than pills.

Q: What makes Drinkables® better than a tablet or capsule?

A: A key to the effectiveness of a nutritional supplement is its bioavailability which is the rate at which it enters the bloodstream and is circulated to organs or tissues. According to the United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc., calcium supplements should dissolve within 30 minutes in stomach acid. Other supplements should dissolve within 45 to 60 minutes. Anything remaining in solid form after that time may not reach your body’s organs and tissues. With Drinkables®, the vitamins and minerals are already dissolved and, therefore, immediately bioavailable. As a result, more of the supplement reaches its destination in a shorter period of time.

Q: How can a single dose of Drinkables® provide as much supplement as I get in four or more pills?

A: Liquids by nature allow greater concentration of ingredients than is possible with solids. Drinkables® supplements are complex, concentrated liquids that can offer more nutrients in a single dose than you can get in multiple tablets or capsules.

Q: Aren’t pills more convenient than liquids, especially if you’re at work?

A: Not really. Most solid supplements require multiple daily doses – sometimes as many as six pills a day! Chances are good that you’ll miss a dose here and there, so you won’t be getting the daily nutrient levels you need! With Drinkables® supplements, you simply take a single dose every morning. You get the nutrients your body needs for an entire day in one easy dose. Drinkables® are ready to drink, straight from the built-in dosage cup: there’s nothing to mix, and you don’t have to take Drinkables® with food or water. It can’t get any easier than that! Coral Calcium requires two doses daily.

Q: Can Drinkables® upset your stomach the way pills do?

A: Pills can certainly upset your stomach, particularly when taken in the large quantities often required by nutritional supplements. Buffered pills can reduce stomach upset, but also may slow the absorption of nutrients into the system. Liquid Drinkables® are far less likely to upset your stomach than pills – and require no buffering! Drinkables® digest quickly, and are at work in your bloodstream while most tablets and capsules are still breaking down in your stomach.

Q: Can I get a cap that is not child-resistant?

A: Yes. Remington Health maintains a supply of non-child-resistant caps for customers who request them. To have a cap sent to you free of charge, simply call us at 888-333-4256, or e-mail your request by clicking here.


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